Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I Believe in Fairy Tales

Call me crazy but I am a hopeless romantic and I believe in fairy-tales. Now if you knew my dating record you'd wonder how I could possibly have faith in a happily ever after. I wonder myself sometimes...But I just do. I believe in soulmates, I believe in love at first sight. Not only do I believe in it but I want it!

And it's hard being this kind of girl in a hook-up culture. Guys have no motivation to be serious because there are so many people with low self-esteem or emotional issues that it is easy to find people that just want to hook up. Or pretend like that's all they want. 

But not THIS girl. I want to meet a guy that instantly intrigues me. I want the guy to approach me, I don't mind approaching a guy but I want the fairy-tale, remember? So I want him to approach me and engage me in an interesting conversation. A conversation that within in 2 minutes makes me think "I like this guy, I'm going to give him my number when he asks" And he'll ask...and we'll spend hours on the phone getting to know each other. And it won't be boring so that it feels like hours. Instead, it'll be easy going and interesting so that it feels like a few minutes until you look at the phone and realize that it's been 3 FREAKING HOURS! And the conversation will end with him asking me out. 

The week leading up to our big date will be filled with cute little texts and quick "I'm thinking about you phone calls" and get this...when I do a GOOGLE search, a background check, a social media stalking and a quick run through the Pulaski County Clerks office I won't find one single thing that turns me off or makes me say "Eeeek!" 

The first date will be wonderful...He'll have a car, he'll pick me up, he'll pay for dinner, he'll drive me home and we'll share our first kiss during which I'll think to myself "OMG, he's definitely going to be my bae" And like magic, we'll be a couple. 

And not just any couple, but the kind of couple that people look at and think "Mmmmm, they're perfect for each other." Are interests will be very similar. He'll have an entrepreneurial spirit like me and I'll support and encourage him in his endeavors and he'll do the same for me. Every time his friend's log onto Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat, he'll be bragging about how talented his boo his and encourage folks to buy tutus, t-shirts, hair bows, bracelets, books...#YouNameIt 

We'll always bee out on a date and post super cute pics on social media that will get hella likes and our friends will comment things like "OMG Latina you look so happy" or "Dude, I ain't seen you this happy with a woman in a long time" and he'll respond something sweet like "How could I not be happy with this QUEEN" You know shit that'll make me smile all goofy like. 

And my boys will LOVE him. He'll be the positive male role model that I've always wanted in their lives and they'll be all like "Ma, dude is cool" 

Oh, if he has kids (hopefully girls) they'll like me too... you know...because I'm so freaking likable. And because this is my fairy-tale. 
All that goodness can only lead to one thing! He'll pop the question in some grand gesture that involves my closest friends, or my boys, or at the library while I'm doing a program. Something cute and memorable with a romantic song playing. 

And hopefully this all will happen before my egg factory is depleted and we can get our groove on and have one or two babies. 


And we'll live a good life happily ever after....

Now where TF is he? 

What's your outlook on love? 

Much Love,

Latina Renee

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